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Update date: 03 December 2020

Make sure you read the following Terms and Conditions as they affect your use of the Website as well as your rights.

1.1 Use of the website

1.1.1 Use of the website is subject to these Terms and Conditions and additional or separate terms that we may bring to your attention prior to purchasing any product on the website.

1.2 Definition of terms

1.2.1 “Consumer” shall have the meaning given in the section of the Directive on Unfair Contractual Conditions (93/13 / EEC) of 5 April 1993.

1.2.3 “General Terms and Conditions” refers to these types of conditions.

1.2.4 “Special Terms and Conditions” means these types of special terms and conditions designed to care for any product or service that you may purchase through the website, which supersede these General Terms and Conditions to the extent of any dispute between them.

1.2.5 “Website” “Website” or “Site” means the website that you visit whenever you click on a web link to these types of General Terms and Conditions and any additional pages.

1.2.6 “We”, “us” or “ourselves” describes the company whose name is recognized by you on the Website.

1.3 Information available on the Site

1.3.1 We will ensure that the necessary steps are taken to ensure that the information available on the website is accurate and up-to-date. However, we do not make any images, representations or promises regarding the information, content or materials presented on the site (also without deficiencies in terms of standards, accuracy, completeness or reliability).

1.3. All content on the Website is available for information and fact only and does not constitute your legal, accounting or additional professional advice. Therefore, for this reason, it should not be relied on. If you really need these expert services, we recommend that you plan a plan for obtaining professional advice from a competent person before acting reliably on any of the details or purchasing any of the products or services offered on the Website.

Updates and changes

1 .4 .1 The website is subject to constant changes and improvements. We have the right to change or even remove (momentarily or completely) the Website or any of its components without prior notice, so you must be sure that we will not be inclined towards you in relation to any such changes or deletions.

1 .4 .2 Adjustments to these General Terms and Conditions or Special Terms and Conditions may be made at any time when you use the Website or purchase products or services that may be subject to any of such changes. You agree to your own obligation to check whether any changes are actually made to the General or the relevant Specific Terms for each circumstance in connection with which you visit the Website or purchase products or services as a result.

1 .5 Exclusion of Legal Liability to You for Your Use of the Website

1 .5 .1 The Website is provided on an “AS IS” and “AS AVAILABLE” schedule without any images or consent, and without any warranties, whether transmitted or offered, which include but not are limited by the stated guarantees of acceptable high quality, suitable for a particular intent, non-infringement, compatibility, safety and accuracy.

1 .5 .2 All legal liability to you that may arise from your own access to and use of the Website, whether it is the result of negligence, contradicts liability or not, is excluded to the highest extent permitted by constitutional law … law.

1 .5 .3 No warranty takes into account the fact that the operation of the Website is likely to be uninterrupted or error-free, that deficiencies are likely to be remedied, or that the Website or the hosting server that makes it available does not contain computer viruses or other things that can be harmful or destructive.

1 .5 .4 we are not responsible for the content of additional websites that connect to or from the website. Backlinks to other web pages are provided primarily for your personal information and will not indicate that we agree with those sites or their information.

1 .5 .5 Nothing in these General Terms and Conditions shall be interpreted in such a way as to exclude or limit coverage of our liability for death or possibly personal injury due to our negligence or the negligence of employees or representatives. For the avoidance of uncertainty, this clause 1 shall apply in addition to the Special Terms and Conditions below.

1 .6 Copyright and Trademarks (Intellectual Assets)

1 .6 .1 The copyright for most of the resources on the Website, such as their style and design, configuration, text content, background graphics, photographs, as well as the website’s source code and software, remain with their respective owners. Brands (whether licensed or not) company names and the like are the assets of their specific owners.

1 .6 .2 You have the right to inspect and instantly save web pages and their content in the non-persistent cache of your own browser, and print one copy as a guideline for non-commercial purposes and offline evaluation. You may not sell or resell anything provided by the Website, other than to the extent that is expressly permitted under any product or service purchased by you from the Website, in which such permission may be expressly permitted, or even in a situation in which it is a really important characteristic of a product or service.

1 .7 Force Majeure – the supply of goods or services purchased through the Website

1 .7 .1 Along with the availability of any goods or services purchased by you through the Website, we will not be responsible for any obstacle or failure to fulfill any of our responsibilities when delay or impossibility occurs due to reasons or situations, beyond our acceptable control. Situations of this type include, but are not limited to, works of God, strikes, safe exits, failures, conflicts, fires, or the inoperability of any communication network, telecommunications or computer system. We may be entitled to a reasonable continuation of our obligations to you (to the extent that we are currently obligated to perform any of such obligations) in the event of force majeure.

1 .7 .2 If the force majeure circumstances to which this clause applies do indeed occur, we undertake to inform you about it at an appropriate time. If the force majeure situation persists for more than 14 days, either party will have the right to terminate the contract. If the services have already been paid for in advance but have not been provided, you will be eligible for a refund from the date any such type of service ends.

1 .8 Username and Password

1 .8 .1 The Website may provide services for a subscription to be able to purchase access rights or purchase products or services. If you choose to sign up, it really is your decision to keep your password confidential. Never share your password with other people. You accept this risk and you also keep us safe from virtually any theft or harm that we may cause you due to violation of this clause.

1.9 Data protection

1.9.1 We value your privacy as well as your personal data. Therefore, we provide the best protection for your data. For this purpose, we confirm that your data will not be sold or transferred to third parties without your prior notice or permission, expected for the limited purposes specified below.

1.9.2 We may share your data with third parties; companies, partnerships or organizations in the same niche or related management as ours, for the sole purpose of marketing or providing you with information about new products that we have deemed appropriate for your well-being. You agree that we or our partners may initiate communication through multiple channels, such as telephone, email, fax, or even mail, in order to bring to your attention the products or services that we or our partners may offer. As far as you know, your data may be transferred or stored abroad (outside the European Union) as it can be obtained through these processes.

1.9.3 You can change or update any personal information provided to us as part of your registration on the Website at any time.

1.10 Termination of use of the Website

1.10.1 We have the exclusive right to either cancel or deny you the right to access or study the site at any time without prior notice and without giving any details about our actions.

1.11 Disclaimer

1.11.1 No refusal on our part (directly or indirectly) to exercise any of our rights shall precede our right to exercise such rights in the future.

1.12 General

1.12.1 If any requirement of these General Terms and Conditions is deemed illegal, false or invalid, that requirement should be taken very seriously and should not affect the legality and compliance of the remaining requirement.

1.12.2. In the event of a conflict between these General Terms and Conditions and Specific Terms and Conditions, which apply, in particular, to the purchase of a certain amount of goods or services through the Website, the Special Conditions apply.

1.12.3 Only individuals who are direct parties to an agreement protected by these General Terms and Conditions have access to the rights under the Contracts (Third Party Rights).

1.12.4 As a purchaser, you have the exclusive right to initiate the termination of the contract for the supply of goods or services, by bringing to our attention in writing, at any time before the expiration of seven working days from the day after the conclusion of the contract. If we began to fulfill our part of the contract before you decide to cancel it, then this right is no longer within your reach.

1.13 Notices

1.13. 1 This disclaimer applies where these General Terms and Conditions or Special Terms and Conditions are issued directly or indirectly for the notification service.

1.13.2 Any notice that must be given with our consent in relation to you or that connects you with the issues under consideration, unless otherwise specified, must be written in English.

1.13.3 Any such notice must be sent to the second party’s business address and may be:

1.13.4 Delivery in person

1.13.5 It can be delivered via prepaid mail with a track number,

1.13.6 If they arrive from the coast of Lithuania or beyond, they must be sent by prepaid airmail or airmail.

1.13.7 Sent by fax,

1.13.8 Sent by email,

1.13.9 In any event, the decision is deemed to have been issued upon receipt.

1.14 Applicable law and jurisdiction

1.14.1 The use of the website and the purchase of any products or services on it are governed by the laws of Lithuania.

1.14.2 The Lithuanian courts have exclusive authority over any controversy or quarrel arising out of or in connection with your use of the website or the purchase of any goods or services on it.

Special terms and conditions – MB “Iventures”

2.1 These Special Terms and Conditions apply to transactions made through the MB Iventures website at and additional pages.

2.2 Definitions

“MB Iventures”, “”, “we”, “us” or “ourselves” means the creation of your company and other services, the accredited office of which is located at Mūrininkų g. 25, Mūrininkai, LT-13182 Vilniaus r., Lithuania.

2.3 Order

2.3.1 All orders that you place through the website are considered your offer to purchase products or services that we provide in accordance with these Terms and may be approved by us ourselves. We may refuse any order placed without giving any reason prior to placing.

2.3.2 The Services are provided on the basis of complete and relevant directives and the right to comply with these directives legally. You agree to guarantee the accuracy and completeness of the information you provide to us, and you agree to all risk of refusal to provide documents as a result of inaccuracy or inconsistency. You also agree to provide identification documents upon request, before or after you apply for registration in accordance with anti-money laundering and Know Your Customer laws. Failure to provide accurate identification documents may result in account suspension and service termination. We also reserve the right to verify identity online with Experian. who can verify the information you provide with any information from any particular database (public or otherwise) that they may have access to. The search database will be maintained. In some cases, we may require additional identification, which will be in the form of certified or notarized copies of your original photo ID and proof of residential address.

2.3.3 We do not accept any legal responsibility due to errors or exceptions that are submitted or not submitted to our website by you, or any document that is immediately denied by Companies House.

2.3.4. For pre-screening orders, this screening will not cover the evaluation or examination of documents posted to our site, which remains your responsibility to ensure that it is complete, appropriate and accurate.

2.3.5 It is your responsibility to ensure that any company name or domain name you choose is available for registration and can be legally used by you. We do not take any risks with your preferred name.

2.3.6 You are given the opportunity to choose when placing an order. It is your duty to make sure that you carefully study and internalize these options before embarking on any procurement. If you have any complaints about any part of an order or our products and / or services, we advise you to contact us during business hours before proceeding with a purchase regarding a part of the procurement. Please note, although we provide a prompt response to your request; It is your responsibility to request additional information from us about the product you wish to order before the actual order is completed.

2 .3 .7 By agreeing to these terms, you give us, MB Iventures, permission to document with Companies House, as an official, and in relation to the Company, the compulsory paperwork required to initiate the services that you agree to accept in accordance with with this binding agreement for the duration of the binding agreement, and, in addition, in the event of a stop, closure or expiration of the professional services due to non-payment of payment, the execution of the statutory documents necessary for their termination.

2 .3 .8. Your endorsement of these Terms and Conditions means that you authorize us, MB Iventures, to continuously pay by card to provide the actual service (or ancillary service, if provided) for the following:

2 .3 .8 .1 For green services, the fees payable will be indicated on the card originally used to purchase the service (or even an alternative, if provided) on the expiration date. Information in this regard is usually provided prior to the expiration of our payment acceptance plan, so you definitely have the right to stop service.

2 .3 .8 .2 For postage services the cost of postage, operating costs will be removed from the card used to purchase the service (alternative, if provided) and will certainly be prepared instantly every month. }.

2 .3 .9 We will not accept any legal liability if a company is removed from the Register for reasons beyond our control, or after the termination or simply expiration of the services that you agree to use in accordance with this obligation. agreement if the Company cannot meet the legal requirements in connection with our {measures to document the necessary forms to inform about the cancellation of this type of service.

2 .3 .10 If, in the event that you have used any services that indicate that we are definitely in a “continuing business relationship”, such as services that are stable annually, your approval of these Terms and Conditions means that you provide us, MB Iventures, continuous authorization of your card for renewal and much more to investigate with Experian whether your identity needs to be verified. To do this, Experian may verify the information you provide with any information from any particular database (public or otherwise) that they may access. They may also soon be using your information to help several other companies for verification purposes. The search database will be saved. In some cases, we may require additional proof of identity, which will be in the form of certified copies of your original photo ID and proof of residential address. We will also require the provision of original documents proving the identity of directors and shareholders, if we cannot see the originals, they must be certified by a notary or an authorized person.

2 .3 .11

Permanent authorization of payments. Your acceptance of these Terms and Conditions means that you are giving us permission under a continuing authority to pay for the card used to purchase the original service (or an alternative, if provided) to:

1. Renewable Services – Due fees will be processed on the card that was originally used to purchase the service (or alternative, if provided) on the expiration date. The notice will always be sent before the expiration of our intention to accept payment and you have the right to cancel the service.

2. Mail Forwarding Services – Postage and handling fees will be deducted from the card used to purchase the service (or alternative, if provided), but will be processed automatically on a monthly basis.

b. Your total price will include the product price plus applicable VAT (in force on the day of purchase).

2 .4 What do you get

2 .4 .1 MB Iventures is an international consulting and e-commerce services company.

In addition, we use computerized registration tools provided by the Registrar of Companies.

2 .4 .2 You will additionally receive the documents mentioned in the various offers of the package}.

2 .4 .3 Along with the establishment of the company and the documentation of the company described above, depending on the service package you choose, as well as other services that include, but are not limited to licensed office services, home service address, business address, nominee director services / shareholder and then contractual services.

2.5 Services not contained in an item you paid for from our website

2.5 .1 Our products will not include any of the following in any dealings we advertise for sale on our website:

– A. Accounting consulting services, tax consulting, auditing your books and processing of annual business statements or additional services not expressly specified

– B. Any specific advice regarding the suitability or suitability of any company you may purchase from us for your needs.

2 .5 .2 we strongly recommend that you get objective advice before buying a company from us. However, if you have not done so, we may advise you not to proceed with any specific purchases if you have not done so.

2 .6 .1 The price of virtually any Goods or Services that you purchase from us is indeed indicated according to the choices you prefer on our Website and, unless otherwise stated, all prices shown do not include VAT at the current rate. …

2 .6 .2. All purchase costs, as well as VAT (if any), will be billed in your shopping cart prior to confirmation of purchase.

2 .6 .3 We have the right to update the selling prices on the Website, as well as update, change or even remove the products and services we provide, without prior notice. Virtually every approach is designed to make sure the prices are correct, however, in the event of a serious inaccuracy, any commercial transaction will be canceled by us, giving you the right to a full refund.

2 .6 .4 We will not be prone to anyone recalling or possibly changing any of the products we sell, or for refusal or uncertainty in preparing a purchase order.

2 .7 Incorporation of general terms and conditions

2 .7 .1 These Special Terms and Conditions should be read in conjunction with the General Terms and Conditions above. The General Terms and Conditions affect any binding agreement between us and your use of the Website in most cases, and for the avoidance of uncertainty, clause 1.15, jurisdiction and applicable law clause.

2 .8 Addresses and postage, including renewals of directors’ business address, business address and registered office.

2 .8 .1 In the event that a transaction to change the service address of directors has not yet been created on or possibly prior to the anniversary of the previous settlement date, you may be deemed irrevocably authorized by us to amend with immediate effect your address of the directors to your home address or any address you have provided to us in the past for this specific purpose.

2 .8 .2 If a transaction to change the licensed office address service has not yet been generated on or before the anniversary of the previous transaction, you will be deemed to have irrevocably authorized us to change the license with immediate effect. Company office address to your home address or any address you previously provided to us for this function.

2 .9 Return Policy

2.9 .1 If you are purchasing a company registration package, but you change your mind before submitting the company data to Companies House, we are going to refund all funds paid to us minus the current € 20.00. Management fee. This commission covers the costs of our sellers (together with purchases and refunds) and other additional costs. Compensation will never be given once the company has been sent to Companies House.

2 .10 Terms of registration

2 .10 .1 Companies can usually be merged within 24 business hours (company formation time may vary by country of registrar). This is subject to the proportions of Companies House integration and therefore cannot be supported.

3.0 Help desk for bank and merchant accounts

3 .0 .1 When you request a bank and / or merchant account through our financial institution and merchant account referral service, you must ensure that you agree that your information is provided on your behalf to the financial institution and / or merchant account provider, to be immediately notified by the financial institution and / or the merchant account provider of the intent to meet the demand of the financial institution and / or merchant account.

3 .0 .2 If you request a financial institution and / or merchant account through our financial institution and merchant account referral service for a third party for which you receive a company formation request, you confirm that the third party has agreed to their information provided by their name to the financial institution and / or the merchant account provider in order to be promptly notified by the financial institution and / or merchant account provider of their intention to satisfy the request of the financial institution and / or merchant account.

3 .0 .3 Commercial bank accounts and merchant accounts are opened and provided by banks and merchant account providers and are subject to conditions established by financial institutions and merchant account providers at the time of opening a bank account. If the bank or the merchant agrees to pay cash for the opening of the company’s current account, the account must be opened within 90 days from the date of the application, the company will comply with the terms of the bank.

3 .0 .4 All commercial bank and merchant accounts are subject to current status, so there are absolutely no guarantees and the account will also be available

4 .0 Nominee Services

4 .0 .1 When you require a choice between the services of a nominee director or possibly interested parties, specific terms and conditions in relation to that service (the “Nominee Terms” are effective and must be retained for inclusion here. In the event of a dispute between general the terms and conditions and the specific terms and conditions of the nominee shareholder’s terms will be delayed in this kind of dispute.To avoid uncertainty, MB Iventures will not be held liable in any way, regardless of the nature of virtually any issue arising from the direction representing whether a nominee director or a nominee shareholder, therefore, you hereby agree to indemnify MB Iventures for the majority and any liability coverage arising in this way.MB Iventures is not responsible for death or personal injury due to negligence.

5 .0 Customer complaints

5 .0 .1 In the event that you are unhappy with the services you received and our customer service team is actually unable to resolve issues for your own satisfaction, we certainly have a feedback process that allows you to submit a formal protest in writing form. Please just click here for details.

* * *