PREMIUM Amazon Europe + Website

3,900.00  2,900.00 

You will be able not only to start a business in all EU countries as in case of a STANDART package, but to also get monthly support from our experts who will add goods and ship them to Amazon warehouses.

Moreover, we will create a modern promo website in terms of a commercial perspective.

PREMIUM Amazon Europe package includes:

  • starting a company in the EU (remotely);
  • registered office address;
  • company bank account;
  • VAT in the country of incorporation;
  • VAT in all the 5 countries with Amazon warehouses on FBA Fulfillment terms (VAT is needed for selling goods from Amazon warehouse in the country of its location);
  • accounting services for 6 months;
  • advice on taxes and other issues related to starting business on Amazon in the EU;
  • professional assistance in managing, configuring and using basic functions of Amazon seller’s account;
  • account and products optimization on Amazon trading platform;
  • monthly support, including publication of up to 5 product items (product varieties) and their shipment to Amazon warehouses;
  • receipt, inspection and labelling of goods in our warehouses in Germany and Spain (especially useful when goods are shipped from China without any pre-check before delivery to Amazon warehouses);
  • choosing up to 5 product items in China, India, Taiwan or other countries, ordering and sending samples for quality control.
    Goods, delivery and customs clearance services are paid separately.
  • promo website for your company.