BASIC Amazon Europe

1,750.00  1,400.00 

It is perfect for beginners who want to start a business on AMAZON trading platform in Europe. You will get whatever is needed for remote selling in all EU countries from Amazon warehouses (FBA Fulfillment) in one of the countries of your choice (Great Britain, Germany, France, Spain or Italy).

Additionally, you will be able to ship goods from a warehouse in your company’s EU country of incorporation, but you will need your own warehouse and independent logistics.

We will start up and configure an Amazon account and open a bank account for your company.

Basic Amazon package includes:

  • starting a company in the EU (remotely);
  • registered office address;
  • company bank account;
  • VAT in the country of incorporation;
  • VAT in one of the 5 countries of your choice for shipping goods to Amazon warehouses on FBA Fulfillment terms (VAT is needed for selling goods from Amazon warehouse in the country of its location).
  • accounting services for 3 months;
  • advice on taxes and other issues related to starting business on Amazon in the EU;
  • professional assistance in managing, configuring and using basic functions of Amazon seller’s account.


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